sinchies wholesale

It’s simple to start your Sinchies journey with our easy order packs, so you can trial the whole range in your store and start reaping the benefits of a product that sells itself! We offer Sinchies stock at wholesale prices to two categories of retailers:

Stockists are bricks and mortar retail outlets, and/or businesses with an established online presence who have the capacity to sell higher quantities of our products. Stockists are eligible for a higher profit margin but are subject to a (low) minimum order requirement. Request a Sinchies Stockist user account here…

Consultants are individuals who would like to earn an extra income or some pocket money. I am thrilled to have launched this side of my business as I’m so passionate about supporting stay-at-home mums and other individuals who want to develop a new income stream for their family by selling our wonderful products through social networks, schools, markets and ‘parties’ etc. Consultants are eligible for a slightly lower profit margin but are not subject to any minimum order requirements, after their initial starter kit investment. Request more information on becoming a Sinchies Consultant here…

why sell sinchies?

Sinchies are the original, multiple award-winning reusable pouches, voted ‘Number 1’ by Australian mums! Designed by entrepreneur Sam Spunner back in 2010 and then launched in 2012, Sinchies has been growing in leaps and bounds ever since. Starting off with just one pouch size, Sinchies now offers the largest range of reusable pouches in Australia and are highly loved by everyone!

Award Winning Brand
Sinchies are proud to be the original reusable pouch in Australia. We have won multiple awards in innovation, sustainability, customer service and retail.

Superior Quality
All our pouches are made from clear, durable, recyclable, BPA-free plastic and feature a triple zip-lock seal to prevent messy spills. We design our pouches to be transparent for cleaning purposes. Other highly-coloured pouches may look great, but you can’t tell if they’re cleaned properly so food contamination is a big risk. As a bonus, all our quality control is done in Australia.

Sinchies reusable pouches are not just designed for babies and children. They can be used by anyone from ages 0-101! Athletes, caravan and camping enthusiasts, Thermomix lovers, people with disabilities and special needs, the elderly… just about everyone uses and loves Sinchies! Sinchies = Largest Variety of Sizes = Largest Variety of Uses = Largest Variety of Customers

Great Pricing
We place highly competitive prices on all our products, ensuring value to you and your customers. We offer excellent profit margins to wholesalers as we’re dedicated to creating WIN-WIN working relationships. Our minimum order requirements are very reasonable.

The team at Sinchies is very proactive in seeking promotional opportunities, hence we’ve been seen on Lifestyle You, Channel 7, That’s Life, I Quit Sugar and Babyology in the recent past. We have a strong social media presence with great reach (more than 30,000 raving fans) and also have some fantastic collaborations in place. We offer bricks and mortar stockists a listing on our website, and others promotional opportunities in our eNewsletters as well as on our social media pages.

We provide easy online access to all our professionally-taken product photographs and continually offer ideas and ways to promote Sinchies to your client base. We also provide customisable point-of-sale material so it suits your retail space and promotional needs.

Trust and Reliability
Sam has worked very hard over the last 5 year to create a brand that customers can trust and we’re very proud to say that it has all paid off… Sinchies sell! It’s important to have a reliable supply chain in place to fill your stock requirements. We are continually working to ensure we always have stock on hand, ready to be dispatched in a timely fashion.

The minute I got Sinchies in they just sold. Being so busy with so many other brands, Sinchies probably didn’t get the advertising through my shop it deserved, but guess what? It didn’t need it! It sold itself from day dot! Customers recognised the name and have trust in the product.

LizaMikki and Me